don't wait for freight! we'll find it for you.

It's simple. Let us know where your trucks are going to be, and we'll let you know what loads are in that area. Here are even more benefits of working with WM Martin Transport:

  • Payment in a timely fashion.

  • Quick-pay system to improve your cash flow:

    • Easy enrollment!

    • 5% surcharge for 48 hours from receipt of a clear POD, if received before 3:30pm EST.

  • Easy-to-use referral program:

    • Refer another carrier and get paid $100 when they deliver 10 loads

    • Refer a new customer and get paid $200 when we coordinate 3 of their shipments

  • Much of our open-trailer freight does not require tarps.

  • More than 30 years of experience serving carriers.

  • Central dispatch service. If you're an Owner-Operator trying to find your own freight, call us and we'll find it for you.