Carrier sales representative

SUMMARY: The Carrier Sales Representative is focused on capacity development and carrier management in support of the customer sales operation.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS AND PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: To perform this job successfully, a qualified individual must be able to satisfactorily perform the following essential functions of this position:

  • Develop and manage the carrier database and expand WM Martin's services
  • Successfully understand carriers' operational capabilities, freight needs, and service area
  • Foster and develop relationships with carriers in North America
  • Reach, and exceed, the required load coverage levels and target margin goals
  • Utilize and display sharp negotiation skills to ensure WM Martin provides the most cost-effective logistics solutions
  • Meet dispatching and check call requirements
  • Maintain reliable communications with sales team regarding changes in shipper pickup and customer delivery schedules, and potential service failures
  • Communicate customer problems, needs, leads, and inquiries to the Customer Sales Representative team
  • Provide shipment quotes to customers
  • Prioritize available freight to efficiently and effectively cover all available customer loads
  • Track all booked loads from the point the transportation provider is contracted through final delivery of the load
  • Understand and support the values, missions, policies, and procedures of WM Martin Transport
  • Other duties related to the above that may be assigned as needed

Success Indicators:

  • Analytical: challenges the norm with an expectation that it can always be better
  • Responsibility: takes ownership for the process and the outcome
  • Achiever: is constantly driven to achieve
  • Positivity: is generous with praise, quick to smile
  • Restorative: loves to solve problems and bring resolution
  • Leadership: capable of influencing people to move toward the desired state
  • Humble: receives constructive feedback
  • People Smart: knows how to deal with people well

Over all, if you like people, can communicate well, and are a problem-solver this will be a great fit. If you are really passive, and cannot handle the pressure of dealing with other people's problems this is not for you.

Who Are We?

We are a team of leaders, dedicated to continual growth, in order to positively impact the daily lives of those we get to serve through Teamwork, Communication, and Innovation.


  • Teamwork
  • Honesty
  • Hard Work


  • To add value to all that we come in contact with. Be a blessing. Exceed their expectations.

Point of Dominance:

  • Building materials shipping into and out of North Carolina and South Carolina


  • Excellence in communication

Our Code:

  • We choose trust over suspicion
  • We do not tolerate gossip of any form
  • When we mess up, we fess up
  • We do not make decisions based on fear
  • We believe that if you aim at nothing that is exactly what you will hit
  • We measure twice and cut once 

We Value:

  • Attitude over aptitude
  • People over productivity
  • Great leadership
  • Creativity
  • Going the extra mile
  • A willingness to continually grow
  • The belief that every team member is or will become a valued leader, and all great leaders are learners
  • The believe that we grow our business by growing our people
  • Consistent growth in all areas