Carrier representative

Your primary objective will be to serve as the point of contact for trucking companies (carriers) that WM Martin Transport utilize to transport customer freight. Carrier Representatives are responsible for communicating with carriers during all phases of freight movement.

Success Indicators:

  • Analytical: challenges the norm with an expectation that it can always be better
  • Responsibility: takes ownership for the process and the outcome
  • Achiever: is constantly driven to achieve
  • Positivity: is generous with praise, quick to smile
  • Restorative: loves to solve problems and bring resolution
  • Leadership: capable of influencing people to move toward the desired state
  • Humble: receives constructive feedback
  • People Smart: knows how to deal with people well

Over all, if you like people, can communicate well, and are a problem-solver this will be a great fit. If you are really passive, and cannot handle the pressure of dealing with other people's problems this is not for you.

Who are we?

We are a team of leaders, dedicated to continual growth, in order to positively impact the daily lives of those we get to serve through Teamwork, Communication, and Innovation.


  • Teamwork
  • Honesty
  • Hard Work


  • To add value to all that we come in contact with. Be a blessing. Exceed their expectations.

Point of Dominance:

  • Building materials shipping into and out of North Carolina and South Carolina


  • Excellence in communication

Our Code:

  • We choose trust over suspicion
  • We do not tolerate gossip of any form
  • When we mess up, we fess up
  • We do not make decisions based on fear
  • We believe that if you aim at nothing that is exactly what you will hit
  • We measure twice and cut once 

We Value:

  • Attitude over aptitude
  • People over productivity
  • Great leadership
  • Creativity
  • Going the extra mile
  • A willingness to continually grow
  • The belief that every team member is or will become a valued leader, and all great leaders are learners. We also believe that the way we grow our business is by growing our people. If you want to be considered an asset to our team you must be committed to consistent growth (personally, professionally, and spiritually). You will be evaluated on this.