How Flatbed Shippers can Benefit from a 3PL

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Flatbed shipping is a pivotal part of the US economy, especially in a pandemic year. Industries like manufacturing, oil and gas, and construction heavily rely on flatbed shipping. It’s likely that you already know about the uncontrollable variables that come with flatbed shipping, such as hindered decentralization, unfavorable procurement, and overlooked technology to name a few. The good news is you don’t have to attempt flatbed shipping alone. Those days are long gone. The use of third-party logistics providers (3PL) among flatbed shippers has become more and more common. 

How flatbed shippers are benefitting from a 3PL: 

Gain Experience

When shippers link up with a 3PL, they are able to drill down into their freight and break down information across all modes. This isn’t the 3PLs first load or even their 1,000th load. You are an expert at your product, while 3PLs are experts at moving your product. In just moments, shippers who utilize a 3PL are able to gain all the benefits of a seasoned freight logistics company. Gain experience shipping without putting in the time it takes to gain that experience and actually save time? It’s a no brainer why flatbed shippers are benefiting. 

A 3PL provider asks the right questions. They perform things like a mode-specific cost analysis to help ensure the shipper is making the best decision when it comes to selecting the appropriate mode of transportation. Gain experience in seasonality forecasting across the business with a 3PL, especially in the flatbed industry. 

Less Risk 

In the flatbed industry, safety and risk management is critical. Flatbed shippers are pressed to stay up to date on current liability terms, especially with over-dimensional and other unique shipments in the mix. A 3PL gives the shipper access to the most recent information available through score carding, carrier insurance and authority reviews. A 3PL confirms that all parties are on the same page and actively alleviates risk factors. 


Access to Reliable and Qualified Carriers

3PL companies that have been around for awhile likely have forged deep relationships with carriers so you don’t ever have to worry about a lack of professional carriers. 

For example, WM Martin Transport is able to provide clients with the best flatbed trucking and transportation services in the Southeast due to their reputation with both carriers and shippers. They’ve built their reputation through honesty, open communication and integrity. As a result, they never run out of trucks to carry a shipper’s load.  


Streamlined Payments

Refine your process for invoicing and payables via a 3PL. Shippers are acquiring PODs online and as a result, improving business efficiency. Carriers receive payment upfront and on time, which is increasingly important in a high-fuel market. 

A growing number of flatbed shippers want to dig into their shipment information and business processes to find ways to make positive changes. Ultimately, working with a 3PL is the key factor that allows them to do so.

While it’s expected for most flatbed shippers to experience these benefits, it’s not always common. Finding an honest 3PL provider who cares about your business often comes down to reputation.

“We plan to always use WM Martin Transport because they’re reliable, they give us a fair rate and they’re trustworthy.”Dixie (Milled Lumber Shipper) 

“WM Martin Transport is speedy, reliable, and very easy to work with.” Vida (Long Time Customer) 

“Not only do they make us feel important and that our loads are important, but also they deliver; they don’t just talk the talk. I really appreciate the level of service that I get from WM Martin Transport.” Lindsey (Experienced Shipper) 

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