No More White Lies: 4 qualities to look for in a 3PL Provider

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Have you been disappointed by a third-party logistics industry in the past? As the industry grows at a rapid rate, shippers and carriers are all turning to third-party logistics providers (also known as a 3PL). In fact, a recent Third-Party Logistics Study indicates that 70% of companies who work with a 3PL service saved money, and 94% said using a 3PL service increased customer satisfaction. So what the holdup? Why isn’t everyone in the e-commerce ranting and raving about 3PL companies? 

Well, the truth is that time and time again, shippers and carriers are told white lies from brokers that put their business into a bind. When looking for a third-party logistics provider, your business deserves a company that cares about more than just the numbers.

We suggest these four must-have 3PL qualities:

  1. Upfront Communication – Sometimes the truth isn’t always easy, but it’s your business and WM Martin Transport believes you need to hear it – no matter what. When selecting a 3PL, scan their reviews and testimonials for mentions of integrity, reliability and honesty.
  2. Experience – This may seem like a no brainer. Look for a company with decades of experience because they can handle any issue quickly. 
  3. Reliable Carriers – Savings are important, but be careful not to select a cheaper rate in exchange for unknown carriers or carriers with bad reputations. Always ask about the carrier vetting/onboarding process before agreeing to anything. 
  4. Large Network – You need a 3PL that has more than just one location. Even if your business is small now, think of potential growth across the entire southeast. 

At WM Martin Transport, our mission is to positively impact the daily lives of those we serve. We are a team of leaders, dedicated to continual growth through vision, teamwork, and excellence in communication. 

We believe in serving people because when we serve people, we succeed.  We also believe in continuous improvement, aiming to get better every day. Our team stands on the belief that genuinely caring, serving, and adding value to others is our calling in life. 

Your business deserves more than a freight brokerage that just cares about short term gain. When you choose WM Martin Transport, you choose to go with a company known for honesty and integrity. We’re not just interested in being freight agents. We’re interested in helping you arrive at excellence. 

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